Lessons for Life

I woke up this morning with bad situation. Still don’t know why, but I decided to open my netbook and browsed some quote to cheer my day. Here’s the quotes that made my heart jump in : (oh I took them from several sources)

  1. This moment is your life. – Your life is not between the moments of your birth and death.  Your life is between now and your next breath.  The present – the here and now – is all the life you ever get.  So live each moment in full, in kindness and peace, without fear and regret.  And do the best you can with what you have in this moment; because that is all you can ever expect of anyone, including yourself

  2.  Don’t let someone become a priority in your life, when you are just an option in their life. Relationship work best when they are balanced.

  3. The sacrifices you make today will pay dividends in the future. – When it comes to working hard to achieve a dream – earning a degree, building a business, or any other personal achievement that takes time and commitment – one thing you have to ask yourself is:  “Am I willing to live a few years of my life like many people won’t, so I can spend the rest of my life like many people can’t?”

  4. You are your most important relationship. – Happiness is when you feel good about yourself without feeling the need for anyone else’s approval.  You must first have a healthy relationship with yourself before you can have a healthy relationship with others.  You have to feel worthwhile and acceptable in your own eyes, so that you’ll be able to look confidently into the eyes of the people around you and connect with them.
  5. We make them cry who care for us. We cry for those who never care for us. And we care for those who will never cry for us… This is the truth of life, its strange but true. Once you realise this, its never too late to change.

  6. Don’t just have hope, have a plan

  7. Don’t promise if you’re happy, don’t reply when you’re angry, don’t decide if you’re sad

  8. Stepping outside of your comfort zone will put things into perspective from an angle you can’t grasp now.

  9. The time and energy you invest in your education will change your life.  You are a product of what you know.  The more knowledge you acquire, the more control you have over your life.

  10. There are no boundaries or classes that define a group of people that deserve to be respected.  Treat everyone with the same level of respect you would give to your grandfather and the same level of patience you would have with your baby brother.


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