Music & lyric : Winda Carmelita
Guitar 1 : Winda Carmelita
Guitar 2 : Danamilkyway
All track record & mixed by Zeruya Anggraita

It's been a while, I was dreamin' 'bout someone like you
Too much thinking why you don't come to see me
"Hello", you text me once time
And I feel better

Day by day, we talked and laughed together
But I doubt whether you are real or fiction
I keep believin' that you're such a good man for me
Still keep believin' ...


I never met a man who treat me like a princess
I never met a man who has that kind of heart
But that cinnamon's smell fades out day by day
And I taste the citrus now ..

You follow your heart, to walk in this life
You teach me a lot about how to dream
You were my reason
But now I choose my way


In my lonely night ...

Let you dreaming .. I will let you fly
Make your dreams come true ...


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